Bolanle Adekunle

Born in 1994, Bolanle Adekunle is a fictitious photographer, magnate and an artist who is currently based in Toronto. She’s currently pursuing her Masters degree at York University and she graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Public Administration and minor in Political Science. 

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Bolanle has been able to embrace her roots and draws inspiration from Africa with lots of love for the African print, culture, and people. Also, she draws her inspiration from the likes of Micah Gianneli, Ziad Nakad and Zuvaa.

Bolanle has also been able to comprehend how life has shaped and defined her, citing this as an aspiration for her lifestyle website. She is thereby inviting you into her inconsistent documentary of her moments in this world. Moments obviously filled with joy and a passion for art, fashion, food, life, news, travel, and trends

Welcome to my blank canvas!